My Minimalist Approach to Meal Prep

I have quite the minimalist approach when it comes to meal prep. 

Here are my 3 "exciting" requirements when prepping my food: 

  1. SIMPLIFIED: I have to make sure the recipe does not call for too many ingredients not too time consuming or so complicated that it takes away from the priorities in my day. Like training for my IRONMAN!
  2. EFFECTIVE: I look at food as fuel. Im not great at cooking, but I am excellent at prepping:) The food I prepare doesn't always taste super exciting, but it fuels my body in the most efficient way possible. 
  3. CONSISTENT: If you look at my meal prep from week to week, you will see about 20-30 of the same food items in constant rotation. Get used to it. 

If you are like me and have a million better ways to spend your time than in the kitchen sorting food into Tupperware, you can relate to this approach and may find it useful to apply to your daily life. 

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