5 Traits of The Notorious BMC

After countless nights of scrolling through reviews and looking up components, I knew my triathlon bike needed to be 5 main things: 

  1. It needed to be a bike that I would want in 3 years from today.
  2. I wanted to buy a bike that was as badass as me. 
  3. I needed it to be able to go the distance to be my fearless partner in Tri.
  4. It needed to be a brand sold by my local triathlon shop to make adjustments and repairs easy.
  5. Most importantly I needed a bike that was different from everyone else's. What is a bike fit for a Giraffelete, if it doesn't stand out from the crowd?

In all seriousness, none the these 5 things matter if your bike does not fit properly. Above all things, make sure to get fitted by an expert. This is coming from a girl whose crank arm length on her road bike was so long it ended up causing a severe tear in her ankle muscle. Learn from that girl. Do not be that girl. 

After finding a bike that made the cut, the only thing left to do was find a name fitting for this glorious carbon-fibered steed. As so was born, The Notorious BMC.