Wear Epic Gear. Do Epic Shit.

I have a lot of spandex in my closet. I would go as far as saying basically my whole closet is spandex. I am very critical of my workout gear because I live in it. I am either working in it, training in it, or racing in it. Trust that I know what I am talking about when I say Betty Designs is the ultimate in performance triathlon gear.

Here are my Top 5 Betty Picks

  1. World Champion Trisuit (sorry, I got the last one). But there is a similar one HERE.
  2. World Champion Cycle Jersey
  3. World Champion Cycle Short
  4. Jett Pak Backpack
  5. Signature Took Kit Storage

*Important to note* all of the clothing picks are part of the World Champion Collection because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this bold pattern.

Check out this gear! Because it is badass & beautiful.